The department offers extensive research in various fields like Nanochemistry, Catalysis, Organic synthesis, Rubber Chemistry and Inorganic Complexes.The Department published 150 research papers, produced 6 Ph.D's and acquired one patent in 2019. At present five student scholars are pursuing research. Six major projects funded by DST, UGC and KSCSTE and 13 Minor projects funded by UGC and RUSA have been completed.

Research Guides


Dr. Densely Jose
Specialization: Organic Synthesis &
Computational Studies

Dr. Manju Kurian
Specialization: Nano Synthesis Catalysis

  Dr. Annu Anna Varghese
Co-ordination Chemistry Catalysis

 Dr. Binu Varghese
Specialization: Co-ordination Chemistry
Nano Synthesis

 Dr. Marymol Moothedan
Specialization: Nano Catalysis


Equipments in the Research Lab

The research lab has various equipments like, Performance Liquid Chromatograph, UV-VIS spectrometer, Temperature programmed Desorption Reactor, Digital Potentiometer, Digital Conductometer, Digital Colorimeter, Refractometer, pH meter, Thermostat, Air Oven, Muffle Furnace, Electronic balances (with accuracy 0.1 mg and 1 mg), Microwave Oven, Rotory Shaker, Rotory Evaporator, Plastic Shredding Machine, IR thermometer, Sound Level Meter, Water Analyser, Surface Area analyser, TOC analyzer and Pressure reactor.

Research Highlights

  • There are  23 research publications in international journals in the last five years and published 5 scientific books and 146 research papers and produced 3 Ph. Ds.
  • Currently five students are pursuing research for their doctoral degree.
  • Three major research projects sponsored by UGC, KSCSTE and DST in the past five years and completed Nine UGC sponsored minor research projects in which six in the past five years.
  • Dr. Shanti A. Avirah, Dr. Jayamma Francis and Dr. Manju Kurian have received the Young Scientist Awards for research.
  • Marymol Moothedan has won Best Poster Award at National Conference on Recent Advances in Spectroscopy, M. A. College, Kothamangalam, 2014.